If I've Learned One Thing it's that Life Is Hard

What an interesting journey life is. Wouldn't you agree? I remember thinking when I was younger how much easier life would be when I was an adult. Even though I had the best childhood, I was still a typical stubborn teenager feeling like my parents were always breathing down my neck, I was always in trouble, always on the go, too curious for my own good, and "if only I could drive" or "just wait until I'm on my own." Boy, there have been countless times I've dreamed I could go back to that time if only for one day. Life was simpler. Little did I know how much I took it for granted. So many of us now have children now of our own - teenagers of our own - and we try to teach them, try to help them understand the lessons we didn't fully comprehend until we were older. We now know better. But looking back, we were every bit as naive, impatient, and as curious as they are now.

Now older, my life is completely different. And harder. The challenges I faced then are no longer an issue, but instead have been replaced with new more complex seemingly never ending challenges.

Life is hard. So much harder than I thought it would be. There are periods where life feels easy, seamless, good. But every time I feel I'm back in to a rhythm something jerks me back out of it. And it's not that there's anything really wrong, it's just difficult you know? We all live our own versions of "hard".

Constantly trying to find the balance

Constantly trying to simplify

Constantly trying to stay on top of the house (and failing miserably)

Constantly trying to be a better more in the moment pleasant mom (and I chose each of those words wisely)

Constantly trying to be a better listener and more attentive partner

Constantly trying to make ends meet and feeling like we can't ever catch up and as a result my finding a job

Constantly trying to fulfill my other duties, callings, and obligations

As of late constantly feeling like I can't get a real "hold" of my business - my baby - the one thing that has brought me so much joy over the past year

Constantly battling insecurities whether I'm "good enough"

Constantly feeling torn between all kinds of different things

...you know...stuff.

Life is hard. And Greg reminds me it's a stage of life. These are the hard years. We are literally in the thick of thin things and sometimes it's all I can do to grasp at the little normal moments we have in between the chaos and the to-dos.

Greg reminds me that we are strong. I am strong, and "this too shall pass." But when?

There are days that I feel all powerful and nothing can stop me, and there are days that I feel the pressure mounting and it's all I can do to keep my head above water. There are more days of the latter lately than the other. I'm surviving.

I'm constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what I can give up so that I can simplify. What can I go without? What can I NOT do? When is it okay to say NO?

But I keep coming back to this same place. I know that our Heavenly Father gives us challenges so that we can grow from them. I must be growing. I must be learning, because right now everything feels hard.

At the same time I know I can do it. I know me. I'm a fighter. There is no other option than to persevere. I'll muddle through. It might be sloppy, but I'll get there.

I can do hard things.

Back to what I've learned. Life isn't always what we thought it would be. It's not smooth sailing. There are hard days and less hard days. There are days we fight - whether it be with our spouse, our kids, our loved ones, our friends, or even with ourselves - and days we don't. There are days we feel unstoppable and days we feel beat up. There are days we feel optimistic and days that we don't. Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad, all experiences that will help us understand and hopefully eventually grow as a result.

What are your thoughts? What are your tips when life feels hard? Overwhelming? Complicated? Please share. We are in this together. We learn from each other.

PS I just want to give a shout out to Cari Walker of @cariwalkerphotography. She is a good friend of my sweet cousin (and a new friend to me), Kelly, and took her family pictures not too long ago. Anyway I fell in love with Kelly's pics and reached out to Cari after seeing them on IG. She was one of the sweetest photographers. So cute and so good with our family. She had the kids playing and laughing and caught some of the best reactions. She had Greg and I bumping in to each other and had him swinging me around and got some of our natural more candid fun reactions. I think she's adorable. She lives in Lehi so if you're in the area, look her up. I can see why she and my cousin are so tight. Sidenote - I also love that her mom qualified again for Boston at the young age of 65!!! She qualified when she was younger but then didn't go. She's now making up for it! I have so many other referrals too - Julie Burton (@julieburton_photography she's become such a good friend and has take so many of my business photos, but my first shoot with her was for a special boudoir book I made for Greg for our 25th wedding anniversary, but she also takes such incredible family photos), Terra Cooper (@terracooperphotography she took our pics 3 years back - the ones we had done at the playground and along the canal). Capturing family moments is important to me. We are aging every day, and we won't get this time back.

Another PS (is it PSS or PPS? I never can remember): Join me for my next LIVE SHOW Sunday night. This will be my 4th live broadcast with Gravy.Live. It really is such a fun format you guys. I love how they've set it up. It's like a podcast, but what's great is the chat community is built right in to the platform. That way audience members can be as engaged as they want to be. I'll be able to see who's with us, if you're commenting, asking questions, whatever. I can even bring you "on screen" with me if you'd like. This will be the first Sunday night I've done it. I usually don't like to do work related things on Sunday because...it's Sunday...but it's the one night when most of us are home and can break away for 30 minutes. This Sunday night I am interviewing Roxi of Trilogy Medical Spa. She is seriously so funny as an individual but an absolute perfectionist in her profession. I've only had BOTOX done a few times EVER but the last 2 times I've been to her. This Sunday I'm asking all the common questions, fears, and concerns that I had before my first visit. I've posted about the event on FB, and I've already had a really great reaction. If you've ever wondered about BOTOX, here is a super easy way to get your questions answered in a very non-threatening don't even have to leave your house way. And for my local friends, I'll be announcing a coupon code for everyone as a thank you. It's something I've worked out with them for all of us. So, if you can make it, plan on 6:30 pm MST Sunday night here... https://gravy.live/show/themotivationalmommashow. Sign up for notifications so you don't miss it.

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