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So I can't let yesterday come and go and not share with you how special it was. Yesterday Greg and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. It really is hard to believe at times that we've been together that long. There are so many memories that seem just like yesterday but then when I think about the time we've been together there are simply soooo many experiences we've had together that I realize it really has been that long.

Originally we were hoping to get away, but that didn't happen.

And we've been so busy these last couple of months that we've been "on" and "off" with our communication - always meaning well, but you know how it goes. When the body is tired, it kind of shuts down. That includes any good conversation. We've simply been going through the motions. Not unhappy by any means but just surviving.

Last week we had a couple of really intense yet wonderful talks. We both admitted that we'd gotten too lax, too routine, so comfortable with our average every day going through the motions life. We were both feeling it and promised to do better. Again, not unhappy but not really going out of our way to be HAPPIER and more fulfilled. There's a difference.

Last night when Greg came home from work, he surprised me with this silly poem that he's written on his own, and each time I read a highlighted word, he'd pull out a surprise gift to go along with it.

Greg's poem for our anniversary

All the thoughtful SURPRISES to go along with the poem.

You have to understand...each one of these gifts is meaningful to me. No one knows me better than he does. Right down to the banana chips (oh my gosh I can put those things away - they are so far from healthy for me, but I still absolutely love them. I've already told him he has to hide them).

As I read through the poem, I realized how much thought and effort went in to this for me. It was all him. He did it. He wanted to surprise me. He knew he couldn't wisp me away on some exciting adventure, but he could do this. We've also been talking a lot lately about how we miss traveling, miss our adventures, miss having the funds which allowed us to get away. That will change, I know it. Just the same, he wanted to make this anniversary special in his own way.

Oh, and the flowers. Oh my gosh the flowers. They are so beautiful. I love how they worked in roses with the Fall flowers. It's simply gorgeous and I wish more than anything I could preserve them just the way they are right now.

Greg kind of blew me away last night. And though I've always loved him, I fell in love with him even more last night because he made me feel special. At 46. After 26 years of marriage. He made me feel like we were newlyweds. Like we were courting, and he was trying to win my heart.

Though we have for sure had our struggles, and there have been so many things we don't see eye to eye on, he is keeper of my heart. He loves me unconditionally. He reassures me. He comforts me. He lifts me up when I am down. He disciplines me when I am out of line. He's patient when I am extra needy. He is tender when I am insecure and need comfort. He loves me despite my flaws.

We went to one of our favorite BBQ restaurants, R&R BBQ and then finished off the night with our all time favorite dessert shop - Waffle Love.

R&R BBQ in Lehi

Waffle Love in AF

About last night. I couldn't have asked for a more meaningful gift and a beautiful memorable night. Can't wait for 26 more. Let's see, that will make me...72. Wow.

Happy Friday ladies! Hope you all find happiness today and this weekend. Make memories!

One a work-related note...yay or nay on THE LIFTER LIFE or LIFTER LIFE? Please message me. Do you like the ring of it?

From earlier in the day...

Our ANNIVERSARY workout.

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