Dear She Athlete...

So, I need your help. Again.

I've been debating whether to ask this or not, but I can't be FORD like back in the old days when they thought everything was great only to take a nose dive and lose positioning. So, here goes.

If you are reading this that means you are a customer. You are a friend. And you subscribe to my updates. Thank you by the way! That means SOOO much!

Up until the middle of June She Lifts Gear was doing awesome. Better than awesome. It's not like we were killing it in sales, but everything felt right. The name felt right. The mission felt right. The community felt right. The social was super active, responsive, and growing. And the orders were coming in and steadily increasing week over week. Momentum. I had HUGE hope.

Then when I was challenged on my name, had to take a step back, worked through some legal stuff, and eventually had to rebrand, I realized we'd lost a little of that momentum, but I was still hopeful. I did feel personally attacked by this individual especially after sharing with her the mission and direction we were going and knowing that there is so much room for all of us. I am such a believer that more = more. There's something to be said about synergy and I was more than ready to work together and ultimately help us both. This person didn't want to have any of that, so I was bascially forced to start again.

So I did. It was at that point I had to decide if it was still worth it. Part of me died (being truthful) when she challenged me, and part of me wanted to throw in the towel, but I ultimately persevered and decided that forward was the only option. I believe in the mission with all my heart, and still to this day, I want THIS to be the legacy that my mom and I leave - even if it's only by touching women through their hearts.

So here I am.

But things have slowed down. What do I mean? It used to be when I'd post something new it would sell out almost as quickly as I posted it to the site and to social, but that's not the case now. Things aren't moving as quickly as they did, and I'm not seeing the enthusiasm on social.

And I'm just trying to understand why. Help me to understand why. Is it just timing? Is it the time of year? Is it the name? Is it the product? Please I sincerely am asking because if I need to course correct I want to know now....not when it's too late.

I believe that when people are more vested when they're part of the solution, so please help me by being part of the solution.

Let's do this. I want SHE GEAR to be a force to be reckoned with. I want us to be powerful in the sense that we stand together and we lift one another up. That we are proud to be SHE ATHLETES. That we push each other. Help each other. And ultimately support each other.

And I want us to feel good knowing we are making a difference. Knowing we are helping.

And that as the company grows our mission and good work will only deepen and become more real and by doing so we will find new ways to be engaged and make an impact in the community - whether it be in fitness or elsewhere.

I've always been a dreamer. I've always looked at life through rose colored glasses. I've always been the one who's felt we all should be able to do this together - regardless of our differences. So it's no surprise I want this now.

Are we on the right track? Am I on the right track? I want to know.

And again, as a member don't forget that I am closing out all my old inventory - everything under the old name. So if there's anything there you want, snag it. It's through the members' only area. Everything's been majorly discounted just for my members so I can move on.

And be sure to check out the new stuff I've just added. I have new tanks coming in next week (the pics toward the bottom). I'm attaching some pics here to show you what's in stock and what's coming. The last 4 pics are tanks in production right now... I'm so excited!

Go shopping! Take advantage of the huge discounts. Post your pics. Tag me like crazy. Your enthusiasm won't go unnoticed! Let's do this together!

Thanks friends...and I really do consider you friends. I appreciate YOU and your honest feedback. I'll be watching. And reading. And fine-tuning...with YOUR help.



PS You can email me at or Either way!

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