Pics of the new SHE LIFTS GEAR Booth

Growing up my mom used to tell me to surround myself by those who inspire me. Those who build me up. Those who believe in me. Those who make me want to be a better person.

She told me to surround myself by good people.

I think about that often as I evaluate my day to day life and interactions with those around me. That goes for my close friends, high school friends, neighborhood friends, church friends, gym friends, and even business friends.

The truth is there are a lot of people who will do just the opposite. They feed on negative energy and try to suck you dry. I've been around people like that, and it's exhausting. I don't like it. And I never want to be THAT person, and I hope I never will be.

That being said I wanted to share a personal story that recently happened that has really helped me to see that there are still many wholly good-natured people who will do anything for you for no reason at all...other than they care...and they want to see you succeed.

You all know how much this business means to me. If you don't, well, it does. I am learning as I go, but I have complete faith that She Lifts Gear is meant for big things. It "feels" right. Everything about it "is" right. But I'm not a marketing genius, I don't have loads of money, I'm not an online SEO expert, and I am not at all a handyman. Which means I need to reach out and partner with those who are good in those areas when I can.

So a few weeks ago I was hoping to have a booth at Fitcon (it didn't happen), but I was full steam ahead - having a clothing rack made and getting all the accessories which I thought would perfectly represent my brand. I do believe that first impressions go a long way. I also believe that the overall experience is just as important as the product being sold. I want every interaction with She Lifts Gear to be a positive one. Not just with me, but through email, the website, social media, packaging, and even display.

I mentioned some ideas to a friend - more or less thinking out loud - but nothing more. I was by no means asking for anything - knowing that right now capital is tight. All proceeds are going right back in to inventory. Yet right away I could see the wheels turning. He had far greater plans for me than the simple ideas I shared. There was no stopping him at that point. He assured him he wanted to do it - that it would be a "fun" project, and he loved the opportunity to express his creativity. I caved, feeling grateful but not really knowing how to return the favor. He'd already built me the below sign holder for my "selfie booth".

Selfie Station Sign Stand

For the next week he'd shoot me quick texts and even the occasional random picture "teasing" me, telling me I'd be so happy with the final product. I couldn't wait to see it. He'd already built a sign holder for me - made of industrial piping - that I loved.

Then the following Sunday, I came home to this. Greg and Dakota moved it to the back yard so I could get a better idea how it would look with my tanks, hats, and gloves fully stocked.

Do you now see what I mean? He perfectly captured the look I was after. It's a perfect representation of the feeling I want my brand to have. It's boutique meets industrial. It's strong yet feminine. It's easy to put up, and it's easy to take down. I can load it in the back of my SUV without having to rent a trailer, a van, or a truck.

This experience has reminded me that people don't always have motives. No hidden agendas. No other end in mind other than to serve and help. He has told both Greg and I countless times he wants to see my company grow because he believes in the mission. He loves what we women coming together are doing.

I could NOT be happier with the final product than I am.

I've given him a #shoutout already on social, but I want to give you his details here because he does such a phenomenal job. You have something in mind? A project? Want something unique? He has so many ideas. And if he has all the connections to make it happen if for any reason he can't do it himself.

I trust his work completely. He's a good friend, an honest businessman, and a family man. Mike

Contact: Mike Heil

Cell Phone: 801-735-7168

Location: Utah County

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