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I'm so excited to share our first submission. I woke up to this beautiful story shared by Melinda. Please keep in mind as I receive these wonderful stories from all of you, I will share them as they come in. I don't want to change a thing. They are verbatim. That way the stories truly are your's...unedited by me.

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"My name is Melinda you asked who are the strong ones in your life?

I would say myself! Also my husband, my mom, and it's a bigger picture than just ME.

I'm grateful for a strong family support system.

Strong trial in my life well I would have to say this past few years. I have two sons who are diagnosed with autism. I'm grateful for my mom. She retired early from her job to help me with my kids so she's my angel on earth.

She also battled cancer with my father. She's a strong woman herself.

My older son is 20 years old now, and he was having a lot of issues of bullying at school in his late teens, going through puberty, just being a teenager. At that time it was very hard on him and our family. He can't express himself having speaking trouble with communication which is part of his disability. So he would get aggressive. He was hospitalized over 6 times in a year span. He also got hit by a car running home from school at that time. It was a few years that was so hard on me and my husband. We have been together 21 years. We go thought the hard times and good times together which there has been both never giving up and stick together through everything lives throws at us.

My husband is also a disabled veteran of the army. He had a knee replacement surgery done late last year a setback for him but he pushed though physical therapy and almost back to himself. But that man is my biggest inspiration and the strong backbone to our family. He works at the VA helping veterans today!

Good news to this story is finally my son was put in a residential home where he is extremely happy! They are teaching in assisted living skills and hes around other adults who he calls his other family now. I pick him up every other weekend to be home with us. He is on the right medication, smiling and communicating more. At this time he's doing great which makes me feel so happy. My younger son who's 6 who is autistic as well and is happy and learning at school. When I met my husband I was not in to taking care of myself was overweight and met him at 19 years old he was a Sergeant in the army fit and strong and dedicated and he showed me the path to living a healthy lifestyle. I tell him now he created a monster...LOL. I love to workout. I know so people say why so much you push yourself too far and talk about it so much. What people don't realize that training is my stress relief! It's time I take for myself for me. I feel happier, stronger, and then that makes me a better wife, mother and ME! Its a time where me and my husband are together doing something we LOVE to do.

The past year I have found a passion for running. I don't want to compete not for medals or trophies. I do it for LIFE. My husband can't run with me since he had his knee replacement and has sickle cell trait (can cause an attack) so I do it for the both of us. But he's in the gym doing machines. He has a limit of what he can do, but he's still there. Lifting weights calms me if you can understand that.

Just celebrated my 41 birthday. I'm happy to say I'm healthy. People take that for granted. I can move without limitations! So I'm going to keep pushing and live life to the fullest. Life can be a struggle but isn't that what makes us STRONGER and more PATIENT? It has for me in my case.

I thank you for your page and giving others like me motivation. I love to read your posts. I'm the quiet one taking it all in. I would love to share some photos of my family. It's almost 11 pm here in Texas. I need some sleep training am tomorrow and its spring break here. I enjoy being active with my 6 year old. He will be participating in the spring games in his school...2nd time this year running we are practicing right now. He won medals last year! Smiles. I hope you share other stories of the women submitting their stories love to read them as well. I wish you a HEALTHY and HAPPY 2017."

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