Life Can Change in an Instant

“Well, it does make you realize that life, even at its longest, is still very short.” - Kaira Rouda

So I have been gone for the past 11 days. I've been in St. George. While I took my computer with me, I fell massively behind in most everything. Today is Monday. I am home, and I have 1000 things I want to get done. Wish me luck.

And though I shouldn't be "blogging" perse I wanted to share an experience - an observation real quick.

December 30th was Greg's dad's 75th birthday. The family gathered together. We were all there. Prior to his birthday we celebrated an early Christmas. All the family. The little ones. Most everyone. Life seemed "relatively" normal.

Granted his Dad has Alzheimers, but though it's been progressing slowly, he's still be well enough to communicate. Mom has been wonderful about trying to get the family together more and more often recognizing that this is a disease you can't control. Now I'm familiar too with this disease as both my Grandma and my Great Grandma suffered from the same thing. It's a hard disease. A scary one. It's hard to see your loved one slowly slip away in to an unimaginable uncertain world, and it's hard to be the loved one left behind with so much more to say and not really knowing if your words are being heard.

But up until a couple of weeks ago life was "our normal".

Then Greg's dad has a massive heart attack Friday night. I've been away in St. George as I mentioned. Tonight as a family we'll get to go visit him, and I'll be able to spend some time with both he and my angel of a mother-in-law. Since I had Zane with me Greg's been with his dad as much as he could be in my abssence.

Though he made it through surgery and seems to "healing" (I guess), it sounds as if his Alzheimers has gotten so much worse. And quickly. He's having a much more difficult time communicating and understanding simple concepts and tasks.

Why do I share this? Because it's a reminder that life can change in an instant. I have been so focused on my little family and my mom's health that sometimes it's easy to take for granted all the other things in my "bubble" of a life. I go through the motions. I create tasks, to-dos, goals. I cross them off one at a time. I do the wife thing, the mom thing, the family thing, and when I can what ever "other" things I am able to fit in to my schedule.

But life throws curve balls. You have to be on guard and expect the unexpected.

I read this quote earlier and really liked it. “That's really what it comes down to, in the end. Making choices. You can't predict life, but you can do your darndest to make it the best it can be.” - (also by) Kaira Rouda

You can't avoid the unavoidable. You can't change fate. But you can try to be in the moment and appreciate all things, all moments, and especially all relationships as best you can.

BTW a little background on my father-in-law. You talk about being "healthy". He's always seemed to be in GOOD health. Never noticeably overweight and always active. The high school and college athlete he was even recruited to play pro baseball for the Dodgers (which he turned down). The term "healthy" is relative and is not a fail-proof anecdote to the surprises life sends.

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