Get Your A$$ in Shape 12 Step Program!

Way back when VS the Pittsburgh Nationals (not my every day)

As some of you know 10 years ago I was a very unhealthy 37 year old. I was at my heaviest weight, extremely inactive, and thought that THAT was my best...for the rest of my life.

I felt I had tried EVERYTHING and had given up. Truly. I had little to no hope.

But then in the Fall of 2007 something changed. Me.

And I stopped giving up.

Somehow after trying so many diets, so many fads, reading so many magazines, and getting so many tips from online, from books, and from friends I figured it out.

And ever since then I have received literally hundreds of emails and messages from women - just like me - and just like you - who have reached out asking me HOW?

I reflected on my journey, captured what I felt were the most important changes I personally made that helped me to not only loose my weight but successfully keep it off, and now, I'm sharing it with you.

My goal is each week to share a TIP, an IDEA, and some WORK for you, so that if you are remotely anywhere close to where I once was you'll be armored to make 2017 your best year yet!!

She Lifts Gear is about sharing, empowering, and helping. If I even help one friend out there, that's all that matters! Let's do this!

Comment below if you're IN! I'm not kidding! Do it! And if for any reason you are nervous about committing in public, message me privately! There's something to be said about accountability!

Message me personally if you want one on one help! I'm happy to help YOU in any way I can!

Stay tuned!!

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