Well Hello There!

Well it's about time! I can't believe the website has been up now for almost two months, and this is my first entry. Sorry!

I am so excited about She Lifts Gear. When I think about this company, I want to pinch myself. So much has happened in such a short period of time. Really.

First, I want to say thank you for visiting the site and checking us out. And by 'us' I mean 'me'. It's just me. If you've read 'Our Story', then you know about how She Lifts Gear came to be. Basically back in May I ran an idea by my mom, left it at that, and then a few days she encouraged me to go for it.

Fast forward to now. I did exactly what she said almost immediately. I've always been an all-in kind of person. I am extremely passionate. When I want something I tend to go after it full-throttle. I'd already been itching to start "something"; I just didn't know what. Having my mom's support was exactly what I needed to help steer me in the right direction, and it's been a whirlwind experience ever since.

That's not saying it's been smooth sailing because it hasn't been. There have been road-blocks. My initial product has yet to be released. There is so much to learn about creating a new product. From design to patterns to fabric to cut to fit to everything.... oh my gosh! Luckily I have been in the industry now long enough to know what I DO and DON'T like when it comes to lifting gear, accessories, and apparel. I'm a professional shopper, or as Greg would like to call it a professional 'spender', so I have purchased and tried a lot of different 'stuff'.

Now I know I'm not the first to market, and I know I won't be the last, but I do believe that more options is always better. Why? Cuz like my running shoes, I love to have options. It's good to change things up from time to time depending on the experience I'm looking for or the mood I'm in.

Same goes for gear. For starters...caps, lids, tanks, hoodys, and NOW gloves.

And I'm not taking away from the other companies in the industry who've set the path. Many of them are my friends, and I admire, appreciate, and still use ALL of their 'stuff' too. I'm just giving us ALL more options to make our lifting experience more enjoyable.

As I've said from the beginning for years the sport of lifting has been focused primarily on men. Men, men, men. Love them, but geesh! What about us women weight-lifters? Where do we stand?

As part of our overall mission I am hoping to be a voice for women. (Have you read our mission?) As women we are strong. We are passionate. We have goals. We have dreams. We do count. We are here. We support one another. We love this sport, and we are NOT going anywhere.

Oh and by the way...we also have taste. And we love to shop. Love to dress up. Love to match. Love to look cute. Love to feel good. Have confidence. And rock our workouts. So, enough with the all black and all grey and all so boring. There's a place for that, but let's get creative!

So there you go. This release marks my top 6 favorites. I have several other designs ready to go, but these were the ones I couldn't NOT have personally. And of course you know I'll be sporting them at the gym. Heck ya!

So if you haven't already, go check out the website. See all the gear. Click through the tanks, the lids, the hoodys, and the gloves...all of it. All of my designs are limited edition - meaning I may or may not restock once I run out. Why? That gives me the freedom (capital) to release new products hopefully more often. Plus, that way not everyone has exactly the same thing. There's something to be said about that. So if you want it, get it!

In the coming weeks I'll be writing more, but I wanted to give you a quick 'hello' with my newest release. I'm just a little excited. And I'm thankful. I feel blessed for this opportunity to connect and create something I have a good feeling a lot of you will like.

I love feedback by the way. Message me. Email me. Contact me. I'll be watching for your message. And...be sure to follow us 'me' on social. I have all the links posted here.

Happy Lifting!


PS Be sure to be the first to learn of new releases, specials, and updates by signing up for the newsletter! You can sign-up on the website, or message me, and I'll add you!


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