Made of 75% poly and 25% cotton, this new cropped tank style is super flowy, lightweight, and comfortable. Can be worn as is or cinched to the side or back. 


I love this new line because SHE GEAR is all about empowering the SHE athlete. As women we are strong, capable, and there's something beautiful when we women PULL together.


I hope you love this new line as much as I do because there is certain to be more releases with the [HER] theme. 


Comes in loose fitting S/M and L/XL. 

strong[HER] Cropped Tank

$24.95 Regular Price
$22.95Sale Price
  • S/M: 

    Width: 18.75"

    Front Length: 16"

    Back Length: 21"



    Width: 19.5"

    Front Length: 16.5"

    Back Length: 21.75"