Meal Planning and Coaching

Additional Services

Are you ready to make a change? There are more than enough quick-fix trending diets available in the market. I know because at one time I tried so many of them. It wasn't until I finally made sustainable lifestyle changes that I personally found long-term success. In 2007 I was at my unhealthiest weight and finally decided once and for all that enough was enough. I hit rock bottom. It was at that moment I decided giving up was no longer an option. I started making changes. I learned how to cook. I swapped unhealthy options for better ones. I found I actually enjoyed being active. Now nearly 10 years later I not only shed 60 lbs but I love my older healthier me. It's about habit and sustainability. That's where I come in. If you are where I was (read more about my journey to health here and are looking not only to lose weight but keep it off and start living the life you intended to, then message me. I've been there. I know how it feels. Email me at, and let's get you started on your own personal transformation. I love nothing more than seeing women who have previously given up find their inner potential. It's part of the "she lifts" mission. 

“If you are interested in online, phone, or in-person “lifestyle coaching”, please message me personally. Overall health is so much more than a meal plan. Message me to determine your exact needs.”