October 13, 2017

If I've learned one things it's that life is hard. It's not smooth sailing. There are hard days and less hard days. It's not as easy as I always imagined it would be. But one thing I know is that I'll muddle through. It may be sloppy, but I'll get there. Because I can. I will. I can do hard things.

September 29, 2017

So I can't let yesterday come and go and not share with you how special it was. Yesterday Greg and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. It really is hard to believe at times that we've been together that long. There are so many memories that seem just like yesterday but then when I think about the time we've been together there are simply soooo many exper...

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I am moved by words. 

and I love to write. Hopefully you enjoy following along...